Indian Showcase

Tuesday 15th of April 2014
SH02, 1.5 hours

Chairs: Kamal Midha (India) and Rashmi Barbhaiya (India)

Plenary 3

16.00 – 16.20      Back to the Future
(TU-25-01) Rashmi Barbhaiya, Advinus Therapeutics Pvt Ltd, United States

16.20 – 16.40     Systems Biology approach to solving drug Discovery challenges - an Engineer's perspective
(TU-25-02) Anand Anandkumar, CHILD Childrens Home, India
17.00 – 17.20     Dry powder inhalations in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis 
(TU-25-04) Amit Misra, CSIR Central Drug Research Institute, India