Submitted Orals

Wednesday 16th of April 2014
SO10, 1.5 hours

Chair: Takuya Kumamoto (Japan) 

Meeting room 212 & 213

14.00 – 14.15      Investigating the structural and thermodynamic basis of substrate selectivities of human cytochrome P450 enzymes: A Molecular Dynamics study
(WE-21-01) Pramod Nair (Australia) 

14.15 – 14.30      Impact of inflammation and concomitant glucocorticoid on pharmacokinetic disposition of voriconazole and itraconazole in immunocompromised patients
(WE-21-02) Takafumi Naito (Japan)

14.30 – 14.45      Human biliary excretion of unchanged drug can be predicted prior to human dosing
(WE-21-03) Chelsea Hosey (USA)

14.45 – 15.00      Glucosidation and glucuronidation represent parallel metabolic pathways for the metabolism of mycophenolic acid and morphine by human UDP-glucuronosyltransferases
(WE-21-04) Nuy Chau (Australia) 

15.00 – 15.15      Simultaneous and comprehensive in vivo analysis of cytochrome P450 activity by using a cocktail approach in rats
(WE-21-05) Shinya Uchida (Japan)

15.15 – 15.30      Development of a new pharmacokinetic model incorporating nasal physiologic function to predict nasal drug absorption
(WE-21-06) Daisuke Inoue (Japan)