Parallel Events

APSA Congress (15 April 2014)

The Australasian Pharmaceutical Science Association (APSA) will host one day of symposia focusing on molecular processes dictating the fate of medicines in the patient. High profile international scientists will present on recent advances in symposia entitled "Intracellular drug trafficking and targeting" and "Barrier mechanisms team up: interplay between transporters, enyzmes and tight junctions". We are also very excited to announce that the keynote speaker for the APSA stream will be Professor Yuichi Sugiyama (University of Tokyo), who is world renowned in the pharmaceutical sciences for his leading role in characterising the impact of transporters and enzymes in drug disposition, with a particular emphasis on imaging approaches.

DDA Congress (16 April 2014)

The Drug Delivery Australia (DDA) conference will host one day of symposia showcasing drug delivery science in Australia and across the globe. Presentations will focus on self-assembled drug delivery systems and pulmonary drug delivery, as well as a session dedicated to the hot new science from emerging Australian researchers in the drug delivery field. We are excited to host Professor Kazunori Kataoka (University of Tokyo) as the DDA keynote speaker, who is a leading international researcher in micellar drug delivery systems, and is current President of the Controlled Release Society.

The two best student posters, judged by the selection committee to best represent Drug Delivery science in Australia, will win one of two $1000 bursaries to attend the 2015 Controlled Release Society Annual Meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland.