FIP is proud to announce that selected PSWC Melbourne posters be available to browse posters online for 12 months. You can also send an email the author asking questions about the poster. Click here to browse posters.

The deadline for submitting abstracts was: 16 December 2013



The deadline for submitting abstracts was: 16 December 2013


Abstracts can be:

•    Accepted for oral presentation

•    Accepted for poster presentation 

•    Rejected 


All accepted abstracts can be found here.


Abstracts accepted for oral presentation

The abstracts codes behind the abstract title refer to the session code in the final programme. (F.e.: the code: (SU-01-01) SU= the first two letters of the day, 01 is the first session on that day, the other 01 is the first speaker in that session)

Detailed instructions for the format of your power point presentation can be downloaded here


Abstracts accepted for poster presentation

The abstracts codes behind the abstract title refer to one of the categories below

PA - Analytical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Quality

PB - Biotechnology (including Vaccines)

PC - Drug Design and Discovery

PD - Formulation Design and Pharmaceutical Technology

PE - Natural Products

PF - Pharmacoepidemiology and Health Technology Assessment

PG - Pharmacokinetics (PK), Pharmacodynamics (PD) and Systems Pharmacology

PH - Pharmacology

PI - Regulatory Sciences (including Dissolution/In vitro drug release, BCS and Biowaivers, BA/BE and Clinical Bridging Studies)

PJ - Translational Research and Individualized Medicines


Information for poster presenters

Posters should be mounted on Sunday between 12:00 and 14:00 hours.

Posters will be on display for four days and will be open for viewing during exhibition hours.

Please be present at your poster on Sunday during the Welcome Reception after the Opening Ceremony and on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the lunch break (12:00 - 13:00 hours).

Posters should be taken down on Wednesday between 13:00 and 16:00 hours.

Guidelines for the lay out of your poster

Most posters are laid out in the following segments:

      I.        Background

     II.        Aims

    III.        Methods

    IV.        Results

     V.        Summary / Conclusions

Should such a lay out be employed, reading may be facilitated by indicating each of the poster segments (apart from the title) with a large number. The differentiation between the different segments could be shown with lines, bars or appropriate spaces.

Organise your poster with the starting point at the upper left corner and the ending part at the lower right corner.

Posters are first of all visual presentations (and not literature). As such, it is good to keep in mind that graphs, charts, photos or tables are particularly eye-catching. It is often considered that around 50% of a poster should be dedicated to illustrations.

To increase the proportion of figures in a poster a simple method would be: when thinking of your poster, first think of what figures, tables etc would be used if you had to describe your project with only visuals. If there are remaining items/ideas that have not been covered by figures, then complete with text. 



The poster boards can hold poster in A0 portrait format, an A0 poster is 1189 x 841mm.  

Board is 2340 mm x 950 mm



The abstracts will be posted on the www.fip.org/pswc2014 website one month prior to the congress, accessible to all registered participants.

Abstract handling will be carried out by:

MCI Amsterdam | Eurocongress International
Jan van Goyenkade 11
NL-1075 HP Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel.: (+31) (0)20 6793411
Fax: (+31) (0)20 6737306
 E-mail: pswc@mci-group.com
Website: www.mci-group.com/thenetherlands




Deadline for Abstract submission:  ABSTRACT SUBMISSION AND DEADLINE


1 April 2013 


Please visit our website: www.fip.org/dublin2013 





Pharmaceutical Practice:

Pharmaceutical Practice                 Screening Officer

Academic Pharmacy


-          Addressing global complexities                                                 

through educational innovation

Clinical Biology                                                                                                  

Community Pharmacy                                                                                  


-          Unmet needs of complex patients

-          What are we doing to meet the needs of complex patients?

-          Emerging strategies for handling complex patients

Hospital Pharmacy                                                                                          

Industrial Pharmacy                                                                                       

Laboratories and Medicines Control                                                       

Military & Emergency Pharmacy                                                               

Pharmacy Information                                                                                  

Social and Administrative Pharmacy                                                       

History of Pharmacy                                                                                      

Pharmacy Technicians                                                                                                                                   

Pharmacy Practice Research


Pharmaceutical Sciences:

Special Interest Groups

Drug Design and Discovery                                                                         

Natural Products                                                                                             

Formulation Design and Pharmaceutical Technology                       

Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Absorption,

Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion                                                

Translational Research and Individualized Medicines                      


Analytical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Quality                                 

Regulatory Sciences                                                                                       


Collect your poster on site in Dublin

Subsidized poster printing service for FIP 2013

Following the success of the PosterSessionOnline service at Amsterdam 2012, we are pleased to announce a new collaboration for the Dublin 2013 congress. You upload the poster before the Congress, as of 21 June 2013, and collect it on site in Dublin at the Congress Center.

PosterSessionOnline is a complete poster service that provides authors with everything necessary:

·         Tutorials, templates and a complete helpdesk support team

·         Upload a PowerPoint or PDF file of your presentation before the congress

·         Get your poster quality-checked and printed on photographic paper

·         Collect your poster on-site

·         View all posters online for 1 year

Printing and delivery will be € 65 + 21% VAT per poster. You will pick up your poster at the Poster Desk in the Dublin Congress Center.

We also encourage all presenters to upload their posters to the FIP 2013 virtual poster gallery (available FREE for all posters, even if you print it yourself) 

Go to www.postersessiononline.com for more information.

For full poster preparation and submission instructions, please go here:


Click on the following link to browse the FIP 2012 posters and more than 20,000 posters from congresses worldwide.