FIP Pharma Career Centre

The year round online FIP Pharma Career Centre is the opportunity to meet future employers, discuss career opportunities but also to apply for current job postings. 
The Pharma Career Centre contains an interview service for Ph.D. students, post doctoral candidates, academics and those individuals who have already embarked on their career path.

You can apply for a job posted on the website, or simply upload your resume and get in contact with representatives from leading pharmaceutical industries and other potential employers at an international level.


The last Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress was attended by over 9000 pharmaceutical scientists and practitioners,attracting the best and most enthusiastic from this wide field,which includes biotechnology and clinical pharmacy. At the2014 congress in Melbourne an exclusive area within the exhibition hall will allow HR personnel and recruiters topromote their special vacancies as well as their organisations to the outside world. In particular, this congress is the ultimateopportunity to explore the abundance of talent that the Asia-Pacific region has to offer.Recruiters will be given access to uploaded CVs well before the congress so that they can invite participants either forinterviews/informal meetings regarding particular vacancies or for more general discussions.If your organisation wants to make use of FIP’s Pharma Career Centre at the 2014 world congress, please take a look at the available packages. After the congress, you can continue to update your vacancies on the website. And we recommendyou visit frequently for new applicants and the latest information on developments in the international job market.


For those interested in furthering their careers, the congress is the place to meet representatives from top internationalcompanies, and to find out what they have to offer. It will be a place to apply for jobs there and then or simply to begin thatdialogue and keep what you learn in mind for your future ambitions. Come and explore career opportunities that couldafford you the excitement of relocating and experiencing different cultures!

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